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Noble Heart TherapyInspiring compassion – helping people heal & flourish…

“In the mahayana tradition we experience a sense of gentleness toward ourselves, and a sense of friendliness towards others begins to arise. That friendliness or compassion is known in Tibetan as nyingje, which literally means noble heart.”

Chogyam Trungpa, 1993, Training the Mind & Cultivating Loving-Kindness, p1

At Noble Heart Therapy, we are committed to working with compassion and integrity with everyone we meet.

When we approach our human experience with friendly, non-judgmental curiosity, something almost magical happens. We can afford to savour our joy and feel our pain. Sometimes this isn’t easy. But with the right support, we can face our challenges with compassion and humour. We can develop our courage, open our heart, and transform our life.  

We can also connect with something deeper. Some call this our inherent wisdom – a spacious, powerful awareness that is our inner compass, our guide for life. We can learn to rely on this guidance to promote profound healing for ourselves, our loved ones, and within our communities.Natalie & Brendon Murley

If you would like support to heal and flourish – to open the door to your noble heart, we would be honoured to work with you.  

Natalie & Brendon


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Natalie Murley

Natalie Murley

DipEducation (Primary), Dip Reflexology & Master of Counselling. Accredited member of  PACFA, MAA &  RAA.

Provides Counselling & Psychotherapy, Integrative Health Care & Meditation Training.

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Brendon Murley

Brendon Murley

GradDip Counselling Psychology & Master of Counselling. Accredited member of PACFA.

Provides Counselling & Psychotherapy, Professional Supervision & Training.

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